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Whether you need assistance with evaluating practice operations and reimbursement concerns, support to resolve aged AR items, implementation of IDC-10 tools and processes, a complete billing services package, or simply want to evaluate your practice performance benchmarks as an internal self-audit tool, Quantum Practice Management, Inc. can help you achieve your goals and get the job done

When front office processes fail, all levels of practice management are affected. Electronic benefit verifications are widely available from many sources for real-time viewing of benefits details, but is this information being interpreted correctly? Quantum Practice Management, Inc. can help you ensure your pre-screening of benefits has identified necessary referrals, authorization requirements and expected patient responsible amounts prior to services being performed.

Quantum Practice Management, Inc. can help you effectively manage practice finances and stay on top of cash flow and reimbursement issues. We can create and analyze custom reports to provide valuable information that goes above and beyond standard practice management software reports. It imperative for you to be able to monitor and evaluate average reimbursement per case, service volumes, trending by payer, payment and write off analysis, aging claims. Without this information, payment issues can go undetected, inappropriate write offs may occur, and practice revenue suffers.

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