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Quantum Practice Management, Inc. utilizes its expertise, experience and resources to ensure that our clients maximize their potential reimbursement by evaluating and assessing all aspects of the revenue cycle. Our Practice Assessment service offers an opportunity to evaluate your financial and operational performance to identify possible areas for improvement. The Practice Assessment consists of one or more on-site days, depending on the practice size and desired scope of the review.

The Practice Assessment starts with an Introductory Conference with representatives of management and/or billing staff member(s). This conference usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and gives us an opportunity to get an overview of the way the practice functions and any specific problem issues or concerns the practice would like to address during the course of the day.

During the next several hours of the day, we can work independently or with one of your billing staff members, as you prefer. The entire review and assessment process can be carried out through the use of routine reports and/or directly from your computer system. We have enough experience with a wide variety of different billing software programs to be able to navigate your system with minimal assistance from your staff, so as not to consume too much of their time during the course of the day.

Our Practice Assessment Team gathers data on the CPT codes and Diagnosis codes used, general HCFA data captured, billing units, fee schedules, and claims data. Practice summary reports for the previous quarter showing AR, total charges, payments and adjustments for the period are analyzed. Practice productivity for the previous calendar quarter is used to analyze volume of services and reimbursement by CPT/HCPC code.

Chart auditing is another component phase of our review. method, Randomly selected chart notes are audited in comparison to CMS Documentation Guidelines to determine the level of service documented by the notes. This will be later compared to the visit level that was selected by the provider to provide positive feedback on documentation and code selection. These results are completely confidential and designed to serve as an educational tool to improve practice coding compliance.

Following the Practice Assessment, we will prepare a report of our findings. We will make recommendations and suggestions from our review of your practice in the following categories; office workflow, charting documentation, coding accuracy, and revenue cycle performance results.

Quantum Practice Management, Inc. is a fully HIPAA-compliant organization and will provide you with a Business Associate's Agreement in advance or utilize your in-house Business Associate's Agreement, if you prefer. We operate with the utmost integrity in upholding all coding and compliance regulations and maintain strict confidentiality of your information. It is our ambition to help the medical office community function at its best within a constantly changing environment.

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