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ICD-10 will not be delayed again. Your time to act is yesterday!

ICD-10 will impact your entire office, from the front desk to remittance postings. Let the Project Team at Quantum Practice Management, Inc. train your entire staff with the correct level of detail needed to successfully complete their daily responsibilities. We have proven resources to gear up, train and guide your office before, during and after ICD-10 conversion.

Documentation will be a key factor to your success, not only through the ICD-10 integration period but also in future "value based" reimbursement structures. Quantum Practice Management, Inc. will take you through a streamlined process of integrating ICD-10 into your daily workflow and equip you with the tools to help you select the correct ICD-10. Your reimbursement depends on it!

Update your PM/EHR! Quantum Practice Management, Inc. supports several different software systems that will meet your practice management functions along with supporting ICD-10 for a healthy financial bottom line.

Do not let ICD-10 trip up your office's essential daily functions!

Not all practice management systems support the conversion to ICD-10. Not understanding how your current software supports this mandatory transition can delay your ability to send claims or even send you shopping for a new system during the process. We can help you evaluate the systems you have in place Quantum Practice Management, Inc. has experience with several of the leading PM/EHR software systems and with this experience and knowledge ensures your software of choice is completing your ICD-10 requirements.

PM/EHR systems are only as good as the information entered by users.

In a typical medical practice, all staff will need some level of ICD-10 training. Quantum Practice Management, Inc. has the resources to meet those requirements. The front office staff will be affected when attempting to schedule a procedure or make a referral; physicians will be affected when ordering tests or completing notes; nurses will be affected when pre-authorizing a service; ICD-10 stretches far beyond insurance claims and reimbursement. Quantum Practice Management, Inc. can guide you through preparation, training and implementation for a successful transition.

Quantum Practice Management, Inc. can train and guide you through a successful transition.

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