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Quantum Practice Management, Inc. has distinguished itself by stepping outside the box in the areas of resolving difficult or long-standing claims issues. Our technical expertise in getting to the root of a problem is the foundation of our approach to identifying solutions. Applying this same expertise and careful scrutiny at the time of claim entry greatly reduces the number of claims requiring follow-up and improves cash flow for the practice. Our specialty-specific expertise is also an invaluable asset in terms of assisting practices to receive accurate reimbursement for new therapies and drugs. Our highly capable staff taps into every available resource to help ensure appropriate reimbursement, such as by utilizing charitable foundations to help fill financial gaps for patients out of pocket costs or seeking drug replacement from pharmaceutical support programs for oncology therapies not covered by insurance.

Quantum Practice Management, Inc. provides customized medical billing for areas of practice specializing utilizing our team’s specialty-specific experts in Primary Care, Oncology, Urgent Care, Neurology, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Wound Care Clinics. We are never too far away to attend to your practice's needs.

Quantum Practice Management, Inc. utilizes its expertise, experience and resources to ensure that our clients maximize their potential reimbursement by evaluating and assessing all aspects of the revenue cycle. From there, our highly skilled and specialized billing team steps in to properly capture all revenue and ensure that they don’t leave money on the table. Next, our talented receivables management specialists work to maximize our clients’ cash flow with careful analysis of unpaid claims and aggressive pursuit of all outstanding accounts receivable balances.

Compliance is of utmost importance to us. Our billing staff utilizes CMS and other recognized industry coding tools. We take every precaution to remain HIPAA compliant in all our transactions. We also utilize state-of-the-art coding software and provide our billing team with educational updates regularly to further ensure complete compliance.

Our years of experience providing practice management and revenue cycle outsourcing solutions has allowed us to develop detailed transition and implementation plans that make it easy for you to partner with us. We have a new client transition team dedicated solely to taking on new clients. Their job is to get your practice up and running with minimal effort and disruption to your business.

With all of these built in advantages, it's no wonder why Quantum Practice Management, Inc. always improves our clients' financial performance.

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