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Creating practical, effective solutions to meet the unique needs of medical practices is Quantum Practice Management, Inc.'s core mission. From handling the day­to­day demands of comprehensive accounts receivable and revenue management to customized consultation services, Quantum Practice Management, Inc. is committed to providing unsurpassed value and quality to our clients as a partner in achieving their goals.

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Established in 2001, Quantum Practice Management was founded on the recognition that physicians face a highly complex array of needs and issues that must be successfully managed behind the scenes in order to provide high quality care that is responsive to the needs of the community. Quantum is comprised of a team of Medical Billing Specialists focused on providing solutions for daily operations that foster accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus on accounts receivable and reimbursement details allows medical providers to focus on patient care.

With nearly 15 years as an Oncology office administrator and more than 10 years in the clinical laboratory, Patricia Baker Ventura, Director of Operations, is uniquely positioned to lead the Quantum team. She is a certified EHR Trainer and a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, several State Oncology Societies, and the Amgen Speaker's Bureau for educational programs.

Blending clinical medicine with broad administrative experience and technology tools enables Quantum to approach practice management and medical billing with a keen eye for complete and accurate coding of services coupled with appropriate reimbursement and problem claim resolution. By applying these skills to develop and implement processes to handle the essential daily operations of claims coding and submission, Quantum enables physicians and other medical care providers to direct their full attention towards providing excellent patient care.

Quantum has provided project consulting and practice assessments‐our signature "Review of Systems"—for many physician practices across the country. We have assisted with new practice set­ups, educational programs for billing and clinical staff on coding policies and procedures, accounts receivable reconciliation and collection projects. It has been our experience that every practice benefits from the practical feedback they receive as a result of participating in a "Review of Systems."

Our standards of customer service demand accuracy and diligence. Our mission is to make the Quantum leap from providing accurate and diligent service to being able to share your vision and partner with your goals. When you succeed, we succeed.

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The Quantum Practice Management, Inc. team is filled with experienced leaders in the industry, all of whom are extremely well-versed in the most pressing managed care contracting, coding, accounts receivable and compliance issues. We are an invaluable resource to our clients.

Media Dest-Puglia

Media Dest-Puglia

Team Leader‐Coding and Reimbursement

Media Dest-Puglia has more than 15 years of experience in medical billing and coding. In that time she has worked in single and multi-specialty practices, primary care, oncology/ hematology group practices and urgent care centers. Since 2008 she has worked as a senior coding and reimbursement specialist at Quantum Practice Management, Inc. and is based in the Maryland office location. She leads a very hands-on approach to the daily supervision and quality control of coding billing, and revenue cycle management Her initial introduction to health care began 1983 as a registered nurse where she worked in the Hospital. She later moved on to work with group practices and has built on her clinical knowledge and experience to develop strategies that are key to successful the billing operations. Media’s expertise allows her to provide a range of operational support services to medical group practices, including day-to-day operations, financial counseling strategies for patients and implementation of EHR workflows.


Roxanne Steimle

Team Leader, Medical Billing Specialist

Roxanne Steimle has been in the medical billing profession for over 25 years. She is a skilled billing and reimbursement specialist with expertise in multiple specialties, including, gastroenterology, oncology, hematology, primary care and pediatrics. She attended Cuyahoga Valley Career Center to obtain her degree as a Medical Administrative Specialist. Regular participation in web and live seminars over the years keeps her current with changes and updates in her profession. She has been an essential part of the team at Quantum Practice Management, Inc. since 2005 and heads up the Ohio location. She is an integral part of our team in developing new workflows to accommodate coding process changes, such as preparation of specialty-specific ICD 9 – ICD 10 crosswalks and their application in daily workflows.


Rebecca Haugland

Team Leader, Accounts Receivable

Rebecca Haugland has focused her 20 plus years of experience in Medical Account Receivable collections. Her strong knowledge base is built on a foundation of Medical Appeals and Grievances training at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enhanced by 17 years in the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industry setting. These opportunities have given her the experience and tools to analyze and reconcile Accounts Receivable balances and collect on any appealable level. She is skilled in all sites of service settings ranging from Hospital Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility and Private Medical Practices. Rebecca leads the Florida office location.


Amanda Underwood

Patient Accounts Representative

Amanda Underwood has 10 years of experience in front / back office Procedural Practice Management with a strong emphasis on beginning to end practice and patient concierge services. She collaborates with each practice to help ensure HIPPPA compliant, recommended practice management procedures are properly in place. She helps to provide one-on-one coaching for practices that need continued front end support with patient appointments, registrations, benefit verifications and supportive services for the ICD-10 integration. As a strong member of the Quantum Practice Management, Inc. team, she strives to build and maintain practice operations with the highest regard to supporting quality performance and maximum reimbursement. Amanda is located in the Florida Office.


Mandy Beres

Medical Billing Specialist

Mandy Beres is an experienced Billing and Reimbursement Specialist. She has been an integral part of the billing team at Quantum Practice Management, Inc. since 2009. Her areas of expertise include Primary Care, Neurology and Oncology. She graduated from Sanford Brown in 2006; receiving her certificate for medical billing. She provides client support for billing and benefits concerns and assists with development of new client support tools, such as ICD-10 update crosswalks. Mandy is located in the Ohio office.


Patricia Baker Ventura

CEO and Director of Operations

Patricia Baker Ventura has been involved in the health care management industry for more than 25 years. She has successfully blended a clinical science background with strong financial skills to help shape Quantum Practice Management Inc. into the versatile and responsive entity that it is today. She is a certified EHR Trainer and a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, several State Oncology Societies, and the Amgen Speaker's Bureau for educational programs. She is a graduate of Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio and began her career as Microbiologist and Hematology Technologist (MT, ASCP). Prior to founding Quantum Practice Management, Inc. in 2001, she was Administrator of The Cleveland Cancer Institute, Inc. for 12 years. Today Patricia provides consulting services to physician practices and healthcare facilities and leads the team of Billing and Reimbursement Specialists at Quantum Practice Management, Inc.